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Welcome to Adjuvant! Online

The purpose of Adjuvant! is to help health professionals and patients with early cancer discuss the risks and benefits of getting additional therapy (adjuvant therapy: usually chemotherapy, hormone therapy, or both) after surgery.

The goal is to help health professionals make estimates of the risk of negative outcome (cancer related mortality or relapse) without systemic adjuvant therapy, estimates of the reduction of these risks afforded by therapy, and risks of side effects of the therapy. These estimates are based on information entered about individual patients and their tumors (for example, patient age, tumor size, nodal involvement, histologic grade, etc.) These estimates are then provided on printed sheets in simple graphical and text formats to be used in consultations.

Because of the complexity of interpretation of some of the input information (ambiguities about tumor size, margins, etc.), the information should be entered by a health professional with some experience in oncology (cancer medicine).